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  1. Sweet Scented Cookie Pup

    This Sweet and cuddly scented puppy will warm your heart with the scent of fresh baked Chocolate Chip cookies. Sweet scent patch on paw Premium ultra-soft Chenille for extra soft cuddles Other scented Pillow Pets available are Cotton Candy Unicorn, Gummy Candy Pup and Pupcake.  Why not…

    Price: £19.99

  2. Sweet Scented Gummi Pup

    Cute and cuddly this Pillow Pet Puppy has the sweet smell of Gummi Bears on his paw.  Ultra Soft Chenille for extra soft cuddles. Other Scented Pillow Pets available are, Cookie Pup, Pupcake and Cotton Candy Unicorn. Why not collect them all!  

    Price: £19.99

  3. Sweet Scented PupCake

    Pretty in Pink, PupCake is the cutest friend with the sweetest scent of cupcakes on her paw.. Ultra soft chenille for extra soft cuddles.  Also available in the scented range are Gummi Pup, Cotton Candy Unicorn and Cookie Pup.  Why not collect them all!  

    Price: £19.99

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